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Microbiology Testing Labaratory

MPTRI is a testing laboratory dedicated to solving problems in the industrial environment. This was started in 2007, when our Proprietor Mrs. Swathi.N (Msc organic chemistry) saw the need for an independent laboratory where clients could count on reliable, unbiased and accurate results.

The samples would be tested by our Quality Manager Mr. Srinivasarao.N,Msc Microbiology with 22 years experience in testing the products along With other staff.

We always maintained a staff of postgraduates whose major focus continued to be the performance of quality work.


To provide accurate and affordable testing services using the methodsapproved by national and international bodies. MPTRI is equipped withsophisticated equipment and stands for professional excellence.

With a time honored tradition combined with reliability, strict qualitycontrol and attention to detail, the level of MPTRI service isunsurpassed.